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Date: 02/05/13

Today's Non-ARRIVAL!

And here we are again...waiting.

Day Date Service Direction Time
Thursday 02/05/13 14 Wrexham-Brymbo via Tanyfron 14:35 No show

What is truly annoying about this one was that I was actually at the bus station and saw the prospective vehicle and driver arriving off its/his previous run (the 32). It/he was a couple of minutes late, it's true, but he could have done what others have done in the past; dropped his passengers off at Stand 8, changed his board and set off on the 14 run. Instead of which, he adhered strictly to protocol, went down to the Lord Street end of the Bus Station, dropped the passengers off there...and was never seen again; at least, not on the 14.

I've passed the point where I see any point in complaining, even though after my last one, Arriva 'Customer Services' in Luton sent me two free tickets and an explanation (which I accepted - and still accept - as valid) that the non-running on that service at that time was due to roadworks on the 32 route.

They would no doubt make the point that today's missing 14 would have run about six minutes late, but surely it is better for a service to run six minutes late (and on a route upon which it is possible to make up three or four minutes on a run because of how few stops are likely to be needed), than to not run at all; especially when that service only runs once an hour anyway?

Arriva logo changed to read 'Non-arrival'