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Date: 24/05/13

(Some) Justice For Joe

First, please go back and read this item from nearly two years ago.

Subsequent developments were that it took a full year for his family and supporters to get Joe Paraskeva transferred from the prison he was being held in (with, it goes without saying, virtually no treatment for his condition) to a psychiatric hospital. It then took over a year more to get the 'justice' system - which can move pretty bloody quickly when it comes to throwing young people in prison if they are deemed a threat to property - to provide an appeal hearing. So, in effect, Joe had already served the minimum two years of the IPP laid down by the arrogant wigged wanker in April 2011 and a bit more.

Finally, last December, some sense entered into the matter, when the judge at the Court of Appeal rightly overturned that appalling penalty.

However, despite clear evidence that Joe was psychiatrically ill at the time of his actions, the conviction itself was not challenged, and the fight to cancel that continues.

Also however, despite clear statements from the same experts that a hospital order with restrictions was not necessary, Lord Justice Gross (I forebear to comment) nonetheless imposed exactly such an order. This means that he will now be confined to a hospital and still cannot be discharged without the say-so of the same Ministry of 'Justice' which put him in prison in the first place. Knowing the tendency of those holding power in that Department to use whatever bureaucratic means they can to avenge themselves on those pesky enough to show them up, that could take some time, irrespective of the actual evidence.

I know I'm late with this story, but I only recently checked back to the support site and found out. I thought, as I had drawn the story to your attention in the first place, it was right that I should update you now.

I'm good like that...