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Date: 06/09/13

R & R

Having worked eleven weeks without a break since the beginning of the last week of June, I now begin my traditional two-weeks' September holiday.

Yes, having toiled in an over-warm, over-stuffy, over-occupied off-the-peg pickle factory during some of the best summer weather we've had in years, I got home shortly after 2pm...

...It started raining at around 3pm...

...And by now (6pm), it has been pissing down for three hours. The forecast for the next few days is, at best, non-committal.

So, having had a rare celebratory 'cholesterol special' for tea (chips, fried bread, fried egg and beans - I'd have had bacon as well if I hadn't discovered this morning that I didn't have any in the freezer), I will sit here gently burping all evening while the leaden skies taunt me.

"R & R" is not supposed to stand for "Rain & Rumblyguts", is it?