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Date: 08/11/13

Today's Non-ARRIVAl!

One way and another, I've fucking had it with this week...

Day Date Service Direction Time
Friday 08/11/13 14 Wrexham-Brymbo via Tanyfron 13:35 No show

At the end of a shitty working week, when all I wanted to do was to get home for a well-deserved nap before recuperating over a long weekend, I end up standing in the cold and damp for nearly half an hour before - realising that the bastard thing wasn't going to turn up - crossing the road and going into town to catch a 13 there. A 13 which was then held up by the temporary traffic lights at the top end of Regent Street caused by the cheap hotel they're building where Jaques' Garage used to be.

Instead of getting home at 2pm, I arrived at just coming up to 2.45.

I don't know why Arriva keep up the pretence of running the 14, to be honest. It always seems to be the one which gets dropped at the slightest provocation. More annoying still to those for whom it is the only bus service.

Arriva logo changed to read 'Non-arrival'