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Date: 03/12/13

Today's Non-ARRIVAls!

I'm getting reet pigged off wi' all this, I don't mind telling you:

Day Date Service Direction Time
Tuesday 03/12/13 13 Brymbo-Wrexham 07:20 Broke down half way
Tuesday 03/12/13 14 Wrexham-Brymbo via Tanyfron 14:35 No show

I no longer see the point of making a formal complaint to these wankers, to be honest. Nothing ever seems to solve the two main problems; firstly, that the Wrexham garage is overwhelmingly stocked with wheezing, decripit, ten-to-fifteen-year-old Dennis Darts; and secondly, that their rostering with particular regard to the 14 route is - as we management process experts would put it - cocked up beyond all redemption.

Arriva logo changed to read 'Non-arrival'