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Date: 18/02/14

Whether Dependent

I no longer expect very much from the BBC.

I now tend to the view that its determination to be little more than a repeater station for the prejudices of its paper equivalents, its correspondents - especially in the fields of political and economic affairs - deeply embedded in the status quo (see here for a thorough deconstruction), its hopelessly skewed coverage of the Independence Referendum in Scotland and what the late Dennis Potter called "the tapeworm-length cowardice" of its management (particularly since The Great Emasculation from the Hutton Report), its extravagant payments to n-list celebs and serial-failure executives alike; that all this means that it is time to put the Castration out of its misery (the people of Scotland can help with this one, too).

But I don't think it's too much to still expect some basic standards of literacy to be adhered to by The State Broadcaster:

Screenshot from BBC Weather page saying '..by enlarge tomorrow should be mainly dry...'