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Date: 11/01/15

Quis Custodiet...?

Earlier today, many tens of thousands of people took part in a rally-cum-procession to express their defiance of murders committed at the urging of some of the finest intellects the 7th century has to offer, and unequivocally support freedom of expression, something which needs to be protected not merely from obscurantist literalists but from the fake 'liberals' and 'progressives' of the But Tendency; that is, those who say that the cold-blooded murder of journalists and cartoonists is a terrible thing "but..."

This is how the BBC News site headlined it:

Screenshot from the BBC News website

(Note the circled text: the BBC - true to being the very epitome of UKanian values - has always counted status as being more newsworthy than significance)

So, who were these 'world leaders' who were so determined to show their support for freedom of speech, expression and conscience? Well, here are some of them - in no particular order - courtesy of Daniel Wickham:

It would be comforting to know that such staunch defenders of freedom had our backs...were it not for the fact that their part in the rally in Paris looks far more like an advanced heat of the Hypocrisy Olympics.