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Date: 25/02/15

"You Say What You Like Because They Like What You Say"

In a week which has seen the print media convulse itself in an orgy of misdirection and denial in the wake of L'affaire Oborne, in which the now-ex-Toryglyph hack can reasonably stand accused of a staggering na´vetÚ for someone sufficiently intelligent to be able to string coherent sentences together and sufficiently worldly to get someone to pay for him to do so (even if those paying are inveterate and condign tax-dodgers and thugs - see here for evidence of the latter accusation - and they are still doing it today); in such a week, as I say, may I draw your attention firstly to this essay by the editors at Media Lens (which also adverts to what I said here a few weeks ago); and, secondly, to this talk by the historian and critic Michael Parenti?

(Warning! The video is one-and-three-quarter hours long, so get the washing-up done first)

Also please bear in mind that Mr. Parenti's talk was given over twenty-one years ago.

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