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Date: 27/10/15

Routed And Dis-Lodged

Following up from this, we now have some semblance of clarity regarding what will happen to our bus service on November 8.

There's confirmation that the service 13 will be withdrawn, but one bus an hour will still run on that route, renumbered to 12A. So we'll have four buses an hour rather than the current five, and that 40-minute gap between 12s has been plugged. Moreover, that means that one bus an hour will still come out of Wrexham via Sainsburys, and that that one will be at a time convenient for me for when I've done my shopping. So not as bad as feared, then.

The lunatic re-routing of the 14 has been confirmed, however. This will leave the people living at the top end of old Tanyfron village a walk down to Park Road, and will mean people having to try to wait for a bus on Tanyfron Road on a side of the carriageway which doesn't even have a pavement. And of course it will leave the people of The Lodge without a bus service altogether and with a walk of about half a mile in any given direction (most of said directions without a pavement either) to find one. As bad as feared in this case.