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Date: 03/12/15


Were I not already sufficiently depressed by: the decision of my diabetes to go ape-shit and push my blood-sugar levels all over the place (but mostly upwards); the oncoming Feast Of St. Amazon And All Consumers; the imminent prospect of having to cobble together the obligatory End Of Year Piece; and the generally shit weather; if, as I say, this were not enough, the goings-on in what passes for a Parliament last night would have turned my misanthropometer up to 11.5.

Now, regular readers would no doubt expect me to expound at some length on the matter. However, for the reasons already stated, I can't. It's not that I don't have a coherent argument to put - far from it, although I'm well aware that others have expressed it far better than I could. It's simply that there are times when any such argument cannot be put coherently (not the same thing), it being extremely difficult to type when one's fists are balled up in rage.

Fuck them all. Fuck them all through all seven hells, and then build another couple below them so that they can be fucked through those as well.

I can say no more.