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Date: 18/08/16

Compare And Contrast...

Reaction of the 'British' 'Labour' Party to the upswing in racism, bigotry and bloody- minded ignorance amongst the general population in recent years?

Photo of a red coffee mug with 'Controls on immigration' painted on the side

"We have to address people's genuine and legitimate concerns..." (<sotto voce>: "...to get ourselves back on the grayy train and keep in with that nice Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Dacre and all the malinformed people who read - and believe - their daily pish...")

Reaction of Sigmar Gabriel, the Vice-Chancellor of the German Federal Republic (a Social Democrat) to his own country's racists?

Photo of Sigmar Gabriel giving the finger to neo-Nazis in Salzgitter, Niedersachsen

"Schwenken auf Sie!"

Isn't it wonderful that British (rah-rah!) politicians are too full of courage and integrity to insult ordinary, decent, law-abiding, tax-paying, cliché-ridden folk in such an uncouth manner?