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Date: 25/08/16

Two Questions

The late Robert Robinson once stated that - in the case of all the politicians, artists and celebrities he'd interviewed - he'd never once asked a question to which he wasn't genuinely interested in getting an answer.

In that spirit, then, allow me to pose two questions to those eagerly seeking to drag us out of our most advantageous possible relationship with the rest of our continent:

  1. Do you believe that you - and the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians who support you - have the right to remove the European Union citizenship of me and 16.1 million other people against our will and with no recompense for the loss in terms of rights and other advantages?
  2. Given that your rhetoric banged on so much about "Taking our country back" (*) and doing things 'the British way' (largely, as yet, undefined), do you accept that 'the British way' means that it is Parliament which is sovereign in all matters, not the people? That your vote in June of this year can only ever - in terms of the 'British constitution' (which, like the unicorn on the coat of arms, has no actual existence except in the minds of the fanciful) - be advisory, not binding? And that, so important is it to you to do things 'the British way', presumably you would accept a situation whereby Parliament (where both chambers have sizeable pro-EU majorities should they have sufficient backbone to stick by their position) decided in due course that leaving the EU would be A Bad Thing and that it would not follow through on it? After all, if doing things 'the British way' is so important, then a little thing like 'democracy' - even the degraded form to be found in these islands - can't be allowed to get in the way, can it?

Just asking...

(*) (I could make an unkind point by extending that quote by adding the words, "...to 1955", but I'll refrain just this once)