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Date: 04/06/17

No Back Door, Man

Another atrocity, another screech of ignorance from the Queen Of Maybe that we absolutely must have an end to The Little People being able to communicate securely online.

This has been a King Charles' Head for the wretch ever since she was first handed the keys to the Home Office seven years ago, and - like her shiny void of a predecessor in The Top Job (Rah, Rah!), who also trotted it out at the first sign of an outrage - she has no more idea than the Man in the Moon what she is actually demanding.

(In saying that, I obviously dismiss any notion that she does know what she's insisting upon; not to do so would imply that she had any character attributes other than low cunning and terminal self-regard. An examination of her serial incompetence over the last seven years, and her serial risibility over the last seven weeks should disabuse anyone tempted to view her as having any intellectual stature or integrity at all above that of a management consultant).

There are so many problems with what she seems to want. For the sake of having a one-stop shop on the matter, I refer you to this piece by novelist and campaigner Cory Doctorow - who recently left the UK, where he had been resident for years, rather than submit to Mayhap's Snoopers' Charter - who tells us what she wants, and why it would be a very bad idea (for all the predictable whining of, "Wurl, if it saves one lickle kiddy's life...!") to let her have it.