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Date: 15/06/17

A Burning Injustice

Any comment on the horrendous tragedy in London on Monday night would probably be superfluous, but the fact that the pretendy Prime Minister refused to meet with the surviving residents of Grenfell Tower (on 'security grounds', it is claimed) and then announced a public enquiry does not give any cause for hope that those responsible for enabling this catastrophe will ever be properly held to account.

Because in this thoroughly corrupt State, we know all too well that 'public enquiries' are not intended to enlighten, but to obfuscate; they are not there to instruct but to distract; and they are there to give a veneer of concern to concerted acts of institutional mutual arse-covering.

Any 'public inquiry' will - if the past pattern of them is any guide at all - have the following features:

  1. Its remit will be so narrowly drawn by the government that huge areas of pertinent evidence will be deliberately and assiduously excluded;
  2. It will not under any circumstances be given any power to subpoena witnesses, or to require that their testimony be given under oath;
  3. Those with power and influence who might have the finger pointed at them will be able to provide themselves with the best shysters that someone else's money can buy, and that the 'little people' - all of whom have lost their homes and many of whom have lost family and friends - will only get whatever help civic-minded lawyers and barristers are able to provide them on a pro bono basis;
  4. Any report produced at the end of such an abortion of a process will repeat the same tired phrases as all the others: "No one individual was to blame", "Lessons will be learned", et fucking cetera; and
  5. The report will be sat on by ministers anyway, and no action of any substance will be taken for fear of causing a 'regulatory burden' to the 'business community'.

Sometimes, it can be made clearer by visual means, like this biting illustration by Captain Howdy on b3ta (Warning: some content at that site is Not Suitable For Work!):

Spoof fire warning sign