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Date: 26/06/17

Forked Tongues

Some of you may have had the misfortune to read this appalling piece of dereliction of journalistic ethics in the Grundiad last Tuesday.

It was a wretched, inaccurate scare-piece which not only gave only one side of the story, but framed it in exactly the same terms as that one side would have wished to portray events. One may gauge quite how far off the reality it was by the grudging 'corrections' subsequently added to the bottom of it.

I hadn't intended to comment upon it at all: partly because it was much of a piece with the standard of 'reporting' we have come to expect from the English metropolitan media on any issue relating to our nation's identity and culture; partly because it merely confirmed what I've always thought (namely that - when it comes to any of the non-English indigenous cultures of this island - scratch the surface of the English self-described 'progressive' or 'liberal', and you'll find the sneering, condescending colonialist bigot just an atom's depth below the veneer); and partly because I was too fucking angry to type.

(Further proof of the true nature of the typical English Graun-grokker can be found in the comments to the screed; I wouldn't advise you to read them if your blood pressure is an issue, though).

The Gradgrind did see fit to publish a counter-piece by Rhiannon Lucy Coslett a couple of days later (although they, of course, illustrated it with a picture of a little moppet waving the flag of Greater Little England in the foreground), but - judging by the jejune responses appended to that article as well - the required damage had been done.

One who has kept a close eye on the goings-on in Llangennech - and the contributions made by some very unsavoury characters in and around the anti-Welsh 'campaign' - is the local blogger Y Cneifiwr. I warmly recommend his response to the Groan-aid's hit-piece, and suggest you look back through his other posts upon the subject.

Update: As if to emphasise what I said about the selective principles of English 'progressives', this was on the Gooniad's website on the same day:

Screenshot from 'Guardian' website describing Wales and Scotland as 'regions'