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Date: 25/03/18

Scattergun Sunday

I know, I know. It's been a very quiet month on here. But getting through and over a particularly nasty infection took its toll on my energy. It has coincided with one of those periods which hit me every three years or so when I wonder whether it's worth carrying on with this. After all, hardly anyone ever reads this shite, do they?

On top of which, it is an increasingly depressing task keeping up with the spiralling insanity of those who rule over us and those who act as megaphones for their deceit and self-delusion.

And in addition to all that, my typing's seriously all to cock. It has got so bad that I can intend to type a word and end up not merely with a twisted Unwinised version of the word, but sometimes with a totally different word altogether. This means that the proof-reading phase of producing anything becomes not merely more lengthy but also utterly dispiriting.

(I'd also like to murder the person who put the comma and full-stop keys next to each other; ditto with the colon/semi-colon and apostrophe keys.)

Nonetheless an effort has to be made to excoriate the inexcusable, if only to enable me to tell myself that I've done so.

So, in no particular (New World) Order:

And now, the weather...

* Funny. I managed to type that word right first time, despite not ever being sure how it's spelled. Or is that 'spelt'? Or is that 'spaghetti'?