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Date: 14/09/18

"What Country, Friends, Is This?" (*)

I know that the Abubindependent is owned by dodgy aliens, but their hacks and subs should know better than this:

Screenshot from the 'Independent' saying that Wales will bear the brunt of a storm 'in England''

It is clear - as I've said before - that there is a concerted campaign to obscure, if not eradicate, our national identity on the part of the Greater England State and its embedded media in order to create a forced, uniform 'British' identity in the run-up to - and the run-over-the-cliff after - B****t, but what things like this (and there are a lot of them) display is that no-one in those media even thinks that it's worth bothering to consider what they are telling people. It's official: We Do Not Exist.

* "This is Deliria, Lady"