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Date: 13/07/19

Where The Cluck...?

Erm, hello? Beeb?

Look, dahlings, I know that you're the Greater England Broadcorping Castration and all that, and that you really don't give a Prosecco about colonies like ours, and that your reputation for accuracy disappeared some time ago (along with your commitment to some sort of impartiality), and that much of your 'product' now comes from a couple of Tylers and a Shania working out of their nanna's spare room in Blackley (*), but when I read this story on your website:

2,000 chicks killed in Denbigh shed fire

And see this paragraph:

Screenshot from the BBC website stating that a fire crew was sent from 'Bergelli'

...then I come to the conclusion that your unpaid interns can't even read a sodding map!

Is it just possible that you may have meant this place?

Screenshot of a map showing Abergele

What do I pay my licence fee for? Well, in fact, I don't pay it at all, and oh-so-casual fuck-ups like this constitute part of the reason why.

Update (14/07/19): Someone must have told them; they've corrected it.

(*) Which I learned a long time ago is, in fact, pronounced, Blake-ley, from which one may conclude that the only way English came to dominate the world was by thoroughly confusing everybody else.