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Date: 15/08/20

Officially-Sanctioned Treachery

Following on from my last Rant, if I have to see even so little as the headline and lede of yet another article in the Gurniad or the abubindependentski bemoaning the fact that we live under a government of far-right sociopathic and psychopathic cultists, I may decide to remove myself from the dangers of consuming corporate media pap altogether.

To address the perpetrators directly: you, Freedland; you, Freeman; you, Cohen; you, Rentoul; you are far more responsible for where we are now than you will ever be willing to admit to (especially as some of you still haven't resiled from your support for an illegal war a full seventeen years ago the rationale for which was blasted out of the water before it began). Your petulant paddy at no longer being the dominant force in - and influence upon - what you had arrogantly come to believe was 'your' party enabled you to overcome whatever scruples a career in official corporate hackery had left you with in order to spread - seemingly without any effort to verify or even research what you were being fed - disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, smears, sneers and outright lies in order to prevent a Labour government from taking office. And you were - and still are - perfectly happy that the outcome of the last election has gifted us a régime which makes up in vicious incompetence what it lacks in coherence. Just so long as Labour didn't win power with policies which you thought were 'unrealistic', 'hard-left' and 'fantasy politics', and under a leader who - whatever his weaknesses - was clearly from his record a man of firm principles, but of whom you didn't approve.

And even now, you are trying desperately to buff the image of Keir Starmer, a vacuum in a suit whose much-touted 'forensic' skills seem to consist mainly of saying, "Yes, but no, but yes, but no" to whatever exudes from the posteriors of Bloody Stupid Johnson and his even bloody stupider cabinet. Along with continuing your campaign of distortion against his predecessor, of course.

How these unprincipled twisters do this when their victim is, as it were, with O'Leary in the grave, is outlined in this excellent piece by the independent (which is why you'll never see his work in a British newspaper - see also under 'Pilger, John') award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook, a former Grauniad hack, no less.

As Max Quordlepleen - the MC at the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe - said to the party of Young Conservatives from Sirius B, "Well, this is all your fault, you realise that?".