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Date: 19/02/22


Or, Statements To Which The Answer Is 'No'.

As we await the launching by The Fiend Putin (*) of Russia's invasion of Ukraine which, we are breathlessly informed, will definitely occur sometime between Saturday evening and the Heat Death of the Universe, some might be reassured by this from the Graun this maun:

Screenshot from the Guardian: 'The US president says west has 'significant intelligence'

Alas for the propaganda-mongers - including most emphatically the Spooks Gazette itself - such a declaration may all too easily be disproved by mere observation:

Montage of photos of Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, captioned 'Sleepy', 'Sleazy', 'Bozo' and 'Bimbo' respectively

* It's always useful to personalise a war. It was far easier to generate the requisite hate in the Great < insert name of demos here > Public by targeting Hitler rather than the industrialists who backed him; by targeting Stalin rather than the courageous Red Army; and by targeting Jeremy Corbyn rather than the last remnants of progressive social-democratic thinking in the Labour Party.