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Date: 16/07/22

A Ton Of Trouble

I am so dreading the next three days.

Oh, it's OK, it's got nothing to do with this; my brother's funeral isn't until the 28th inst.

No, it's the weather.

I've mentioned before (here, for example) that I detest hot weather. I simply cannot understand how anyone can put up with temperatures in the 70s and more, and indeed who go out of their way to find such conditions by, say, going on holiday to Greece or Turkey during the summer.

But now, 'the 70s' is no longer sufficiently extreme. This is what we have waiting for us between now and Tuesday evening:

Screenshot from BBC Weather site showing temperatures of 89, 100, and 97 degrees F over three days

I mean, would you look at it! We're at 53° north, furfucksake! With prevailing south-westerlies. It's not supposed to be like this. Ever.

And yet it is. And equally yet, there are still those who claim that this is nothing to be particularly concerned about; after all, it's summer, don'tcha know! Social media is full of those who would have us believe that, say, 1975 or 1976 were hot like this (as someone who was there, I unhesitatingly call "Bollocks!" on that line of argument). This is the reason why I have had to remove from my list of Twitter feeds which I follow one particular individual who - despite my agreeing with him on many of the subjects he covers - nonetheless relentlessly retweets approvingly the eructations and obfuscations of people and organisations - many of whose sources of funding and support are utterly opaque, but may confidently be guessed at - who say that all is fine and dandy, and the whole climate-change narrative is bogus, dishonest and all to do with Bilderberg, Bill Gates and George Soros. This, of course, they do from air-conditioned safety in some unspeakable part of the Untied Struts of Amnesia.

(I once heard the late journalist and broadcaster Alistair Cooke remark that, should the power go off and aircon wasn't available, a large part of the south-eastern US would become simply uninhabitable, rather than being habitable only by the simple, as at present.)

All I know is what I know, and what I know is that weather 'events' like this one are indications of an ever-increasing instability in the planet's climate, and that that will have - is having - ever-widening destabilising effects across the globe. We'd better get used to it, for this is the future that our rulers, masters and managers have decreed for us.

And so, having done my shopping first thing this morning and visited my sister-in-law (and please note, dear Yanks, that you don't need to say 'visited with', any more than you need to say 'off of'), and having found that, even with wearing my Minnesota Twins cap, I can still feel my scalp crinkling in the mid-afternoon sun as I walk from the back door to the front gate and back, I intend not to go further than the front gate on Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday will find me defiantly sheltering in place in the living room (not the bedroom; there's a temperature differential of at least 5°F between downstairs and upstairs), keeping the curtains closed and the windows open (though not too open, otherwise the fucking wasps get in) and no doubt - even with my desk fan at full chat - having terrible trouble sleeping (I may end up kipping on the sofa, if not in the bath).

I can only hope that the thundery weather due in on Tuesday evening does drop the temperature by the projected 30°F by Wednesday, otherwise I may be in danger of dissolving.