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Message: vote Independence on May 6th! Plaid Gwlad Propel Green Party (of England & Wales!)

(Click on the party logos to go to their websites: one of these pro-independence parties may be the one for you!)

(Cliciwch ar fathodynnau'r pleidiau i fynd i'w gwefannau: gallai un o'r pleidiau hyn dros annibyniaeth fod yn iawn i chi!)

Note: The Judge does not endorse any particular one of these parties, but emphatically supports his nation's liberation from colonial rule.

Nodwch: nid yw'r Barnwr yn cymeradwyo unrhyw un blaid neilltuol o'r rhein, ond mae'n cefnogi rhyddhau ei genedl o reolaeth drefedigaethol i'r carn.


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