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Date: 08/06/13

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10 Out Of 10 - One Hundred Years (2010)

My father was no-one special. In a global way, I mean. His family, his neighbours, his workmates, his friends all looked upon him very differently.

But the lives of the 'ordinary, decent folk' whom our politicians and pundits like to invoke when they are particularly desperate - in the face of all the available evidence - to appear to be 'in touch' should always be marked in some way, because they can illustrate a general principle of what life is like for the vast majority of people on this island, and on this island planet.

I don't like the idea of writing about people I actually know; it's almost like setting fire to their curtains so that others can see what the resident would prefer to remain hidden. But as my subject on this occasion had been safely beyond all harm for over twenty years by then, I felt it right to take the chance for the reasons stated earlier. And it's only my opinion anyway.

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