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Date: 12/11/13

Google Garble, Google Garble...

Apologies to anyone who uses Google Chrome as their browser of choice.

A problem has just come to light which means that most of the .mp3s on this site will play with a very muffled sound.

I thought it might be the .mp3 files' bitrate, or whether they're in mono or stereo, but it seems to cut across all of those categories whilst - annoyingly - not affecting every file.

I haven't been able to identify a common factor as yet, nor have I been able to find any useful advice online (plenty of unuseful advice, but that's Teh Interwebs for you).

I shall return to this, I hope. an arrow to click on to take you to a follow-up item

Update (16/11/13): Weird! Now they're playing OK in Chrome, but with all the bottom end missing....