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Date: 11/11/16

Weak Ending

Well, I got through that - just about.

Starting back to work after an absence of seven months was always going to be a test of my stamina, even on what is termed 'phased return' (meaning that I'm starting off at just two hours per day), but it had to be done; I had been placed on half-pay at the end of October and, although I could manage on a reduced income for a while, it griped me a bit, so the attempt had to be made.

Monday was a little bit of a jolt, and going shopping at Sainsbury's immediately afterwards added to the strain. Tuesday and Wednesday were OK, and the energy picked up from being amongst my colleagues again got me through.

Thursday was something of a struggle, but I did manage to get into town once I was through and got one or two things done which needed doing.

This morning, I freely admit to being close to saying, "Sod it!"; the wooziness and the fatigue-like ache in the neck and shoulders was more pronounced, and the prospect of sitting at my desk even for as little as two hours going through the backlog of e-mails again wasn't an attractive one. I got home around 1220, had my lunch and then settled down for a long nap on the bed. This was followed by one of my Cholesterol Specials and another nap, this time on the sofa. I think I'll be in bed ere too long, though.

But then I haven't been sleeping well this week either, which hasn't exactly helped. I mean, I can go to bed around about 2200 hrs, fortified with a handful of Pringles and an Edmund Cooper short-story collection, but even with the light out by eleven I haven't been getting off until a long time past midnight, and have been waking up well before my 0715 alarm.

Still and all, I've made it - for now. Another hairpin bend negotiated.