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Date: 14/10/16

Fry Day...

...or, "Read This And Hear Your Arteries Clanging Shut"

Given that one of the few things that isn't wrong with me ("I'm not a hypochondriac! That's the one thing I haven't got!" © Andrew Marshall & David Renwick) is my cholesterol level, I can sometimes - as I mentioned here - indulge in what I call a 'Cholesterol Special' for Friday tea.

I had one this afternoon, so I thought that I'd describe the process. Firstly - as we were instructed to do in secondary school Physics by the loathsome Doc Powell - the Apparatus and the Ingredients:



The temporal juggling needed to do this right is almost exquisite, and so the Method needs to be described in detail. Hence:


(Note: All timings are approximate)

And here's the result!

Photo of a fried meal

Now you too can sit all evening burping gently! Another quality service provided by JudgeCo™, the people who put people first!