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Date: 22/11/16

Keep The Circle Around...

It's adding melancholy upon melancholy when a member of a band you remember hearing for the first time when you were - at least officially - well into adulthood pops off.

I've never been a fan of the Hammond Organ; that slight vibrato always seems to set up an unsympatheic oscillation in my frontal lobes.

And yet, two of the bands from the explosion of talent which came out of the Greater Manchester area towards the arse-end of the 1980s - The Charlatans and Inspiral Carpets - both featured that instrument, and they were the two groups from that whole scene which I enjoyed most when played by the late, great Peelie.

The Charlatans' drummer Jon Brookes died just over three years ago, and now his counterpart in The Inspirals has left us. I mean, holy cow, he was nearly a decade younger than me!

Goodnight, Gilly...

Photo of Craig Gill

Craig Douglas Gill
b. 5 December 1971, d. 22 November 2016

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