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Date: 10/11/20

Rinse And Spin

Getting on for eight years ago now, I posted four items featuring the old (and, in some cases ancient) 78s that I'd been digitising for posterity.

I remarked at the time that I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of my attempts at processing the worst of the surface noise out of them, and that there was a clear trade-off between getting rid of the clicks and crackles and ending up with a hopelessly artificial sound.

Having a fair bit of time on my hands nowadays, and wondering whether - in the light of a further decade's experience - I could possibly make a better job of it now, I got the source files off my external hard drive and set to it.

This time, using Audacity alone rather than a combination of software, I managed to get a better quality on all the ones where this was possible (which was, to be fair, most of them).

As a result, I've posted the improved .mp3 files in place of the original attempts. I've also corrected the date information for them.