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Date: 13/03/11

Shitty Status

Let me see if I have this right.


the clowns on Wrexham County Borough Council still intend making an application for the town to have 'city status' from next year.

Just a couple of questions, m'lud:

  1. What will the ordinary people of the Wrexham area get out of this? We know the obvious benefits for councillors and senior officers, namely the ability to swan and swank around claiming that they would be representing a city (along, no doubt, with a suitable increase in remuneration for them).
  2. Would city status really do anything to solve the county's economic problems? And would it really mean a sudden influx of businesses to a town centre which has been ravaged not only by recession but by the results of the all-too-cosy relationship between the Council and successive waves of property speculators who were allowed to build 'retail experiences' or whatever the monstrosities may be called outside the town centre, thus leading to the sight of closed and boarded-up retail sites along every street in town? This along with the creeping demolition of any building of any character in the town centre, which has left it looking like Legoland?

As I believe they used to say in the police force when confronted with an unconvincing alibi, "Don't piss on my boots and tell me it's raining".