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18/12/11 Sick, Sick, Sick
22/11/11 Welcome To American Liberty! (2011 Version)
18/11/11 "Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral"
11/11/11 Two Lords A-Lagging
09/11/11 Sound Off...Please
23/10/11 Coll Geiriau / Lost For Words
19/10/11 Who Will Judge The Judges?, or "Mind What You Type, Citizen" ***Now Updated*** 
17/10/11 PlusNot And Bloody Terrible
10/10/11 Delayed Call / Birthday Wishes And Solidarity
29/09/11 Black, Brown, White - The Colour Of The Shirt Doesn't Matter
26/09/11 Contempt? Yes, And Quite Right Too
06/09/11 Second Chance? Or No Chance At All?
16/08/11 Justice Is Blinded
11/08/11 I Predict...
03/08/11 To The Brazen-Necked, Everything Is Brass
25/07/11 Comparisons
10/07/11 ...And Last
04/07/11 Hacked Off
28/06/11 ...And 2nd, 3rd, 4th...
26/06/11 Self-Righteousness 1st...
22/06/11 Reason In Chains
03/06/11 Mad, Bad And Dangerous
01/06/11 Not God-Given
22/05/11 Without A Prayer - Update
20/05/11 Without A Prayer
05/05/11 No Alternative
03/05/11 Laugh? He Almost Told The Truth!
29/04/11 And Still It All Goes On...
25/03/11 "The Confinement Of Bradley Manning"
17/03/11 "Give Me Your Starving Poor, So That We Can Make A Profit Out Of Them"
16/03/11 America? What The F---!?
13/03/11 Shitty Status
05/03/11 Statement Of The Bloody Obvious #3475
15/02/11 support4edwoollard
09/02/11 In A Comma
12/01/11 Dropped On From A Great Height
03/01/11 "I Thought It Mattered..."