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Date: 01/06/11

Not God-Given

This should probably have gone in the Raves section, but it relates to the last two items here, so I'm at least being consistent.

I mentioned the fund set up by Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist blog to help finance Damon Fowler's education now that his parents have decided that supporting their own kith and kin plays a distant second behind flashing their own self-righteousness to all their neighbours.

Well, the fund closed earlier on today, and in just a dozen days, contributors from all around the US and the world contributed a grand total of:

<FX:Roll of Drums...>


Which works out at about $25 per contributor.

As I said, compare and contrast this with the behaviour of so-called 'Christians' in Bastrop, La. and elsewhere.

Hemant is now seeking to establish a trust fund or something of that ilk, so that Damon has it to support his education. Mind you, some of us wouldn't have minded if he'd blown half of it on booze and hookers...and wasted the rest.