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Date: 28/06/11

...And 2nd, 3rd, 4th...

Following on from the last post, with a terrible and tedious predictability Hearts today suspended Craig Thomson from his job with them, despite initially trying to weather the manufactured outrage.

So, what changed? Well, apart from the confected shit-storm, one of the club's sponsors - the company which supplies its bottled water, no less - announced on Monday that it was withdrawing its support. The company - which I won't name here because they can pay for their own publicity - stated that they could not continue their 5 000-a-year deal, citing their "strong family values".

I've an idea: can someone examine the practices of that firm and see if their "strong family values" include paying all of their staff a proper living wage - you know, one that you could keep a family on without their having to resort to claiming benefits or tax credits? I somehow don't think their "strong family values" extend as far as that, do you?

And looky here! Here's another mouthpiece for Children 1st - their 'Chief Executive' this time - practically wetting her knickers at the thought that her organisation has almost certainly managed to destroy the current and future livelihood of a young man (albeit one who has behaved like an eejit) who had already been punished in the only appropriate way that anyone in a well-ordered society should be punished - through a court of law after a properly-constituted trial.

It has been claimed that 'further revelations' have been made about Thomson's behaviour. 'Claimed', that is, in a hack-rag that isn't even any use to wipe one's arse with. The police have said they are not investigating any such allegations, so 'claims' are all they are, at least for now. Until and unless something else may be proved against Thomson, then that is where it should rest. But it won't, of course. As the great John Cooper Clarke put it:

"The people pay
The paper sells
Its plug-ugly sub-animal yells."

Two things I really can't abide: self-righteousness and hypocrisy. But there's one thing I detest more.

That's when self-righteousness and hypocrisy combine, and are then amalgamated with a disturbing - I might say indecent - glee at someone's life being destroyed. That is the mark of the thug, the bully, the psychopath. An arrow to click on to take you to a follow-up item