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Date: 25/07/11



A tanked-up 20-year-old first offender protesting against the régime's cuts in education for all bar the children of the wealthy throws two thin sticks in the direction of a couple of riot-gear-clad police officers.

Charge: violent disorder.

Punishment: twelve months' imprisonment.

A neo-Nazi shithead with previous convictions leads a mob of a hundred people in actual violence against people and criminal damage.

Charge: using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour.

Punishment: a twelve-month 'rehabiliation order'. Oh, and an appearance on Newsnight.


A Muslim (any Muslim you care to think of) kills half a dozen or so people with a bomb.

Reaction of the media and politicians: this is yet another example of why we must continue to harrass people of a non-white colouration, subject them to house arrest and seizure of all assets, and continue to expand our practice of officials groping people at airports in order to protect our civilised values against being destroyed by the onward march of Jihad on Europe.

A white-supremacist Christian fundamentalist kills seven or eight people with a bomb, prior to going on the rampage with assault weapons and killing upwards of sixty or seventy teenagers.

Reaction of the media and politicians: well, the poor boy is quite obviously sick in the head and it's all the fault of the Muslims and their Marxist multiculturalist, 'elf-n-safety-gawn-maaaad fellow travellers anyway, just 'cos they're there. And there is no network of neo-Fascists across Europe engaging in daily violence against anyone they don't like the look of, deary me no, that's all been got up by the left-liberal media.