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Date: 06/09/11

Second Chance? Or No Chance At All?

Spot the disjuncture in the words of Iain Duncan-Smith, failed Tory leader and now Secretary of State for All Work and No Pensions:

"England has to become "the nation of the second chance" to rehabilitate people..."

OK so far?

"Lawbreakers must be punished but also offered a way out of their present situation, said the minister..."

Who deniges of it, Betsey? But wait:

"...said the minister, who is considering reducing benefits and rights to social housing for families of those responsible for violence and looting."

So in Dumbtwunt-Smith's "nation of the second chance", just as the terminally ill are told to take up their beds and work, and just as the poor are made to get back on their feet by having to sell all their furniture, so those who fall victim to the latest Government-sponsored spasm of judicial activism will be given a 'second chance', so long as they do it whilst begging alongside their families in the cardboard box they will be sharing (Tory politicians, stepping over as they come out of the opera, for the use of) as a result of a deliberate policy of collective punishment.

I am only precluded from calling this self-righteous hypocritical little shite what he should be called due to my high regard for the far greater intelligence, compassion and integrity of the folk with whom I would be comparing him:

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