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Date: 17/10/11

Plusnet logo altered to read 'plusnot' And Letter 'B' from the BT logoloody Letter 'T' from the BT logoerrible

So, last Friday I had a phone call from someone at PlusNet just after I got home from work (I hadn't even had time to take my coat off), trying to arrange another appointment for the BT engineer to call.

I made the point that I had lost a day's working time due to their failure last Monday, and that I didn't intend losing any more. So, I said, I would not be available until after 15:00.

This caused call-centre person to umm and ahh about how it would be difficult to arrange a visit during such a clearly-defined time-slot, as BT works (assuming that such a word can apply here) to a 13:00-18:00 spread. An offer was made to try to get BT out on a weekend (which they are, by all accounts, not supposed to do - I daresay it's 'inefficient', or some such management bollocks), but it wouldn't be the weekend then upcoming, but the weekend after.

I said that I wanted the problem sorted out and so agreed - reluctantly - to get home by 13:00 Monday (that's today).

And that's what I did. I dropped nearly two hours' working time and got here at about 13:01. And waited...

...and waited...

...and waited...

...and now, at 18:40, I'm still fucking waiting. Yep, another no-show.

I don't care whether the failure is with PlusNet, with BT, with both, or in that mystical territory which constitutes the interface between the two. This is now going to be a formal complaint - assuming, of course, that I can get online and stay online long enough to complete and send the form.