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Date: 11/01/12


Every so often, I go through periods of what I call The Clumsies. I drop things, knock things over, bang various parts of my anatomy on the furniture (although I swear blind that that sideboard in the hall actually jumped out at me the other night). It also seems to knacker up my ability to type with my customary accuracy and speed.

I seem to be going through such a Phase of Phumbling right now, climaxed by what happened scarcely half an hour ago. I was getting the biscuit tin out of the cupboard (Rich Teas, coffee, dunking, for the use of), when I knocked it against the door hinge. Down it went, landing upside down but - fortunately (or so I thought) - with the lid still on.

On retrieving the tin from the tiles and opening it, however...oh, sod! Pulverised biccy from lid to base. And I'd only opened that packet this morning, too.

The sparrows and blackbirds are going to get a good feed tomorrow.