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Date: 08/04/13


As you would expect, I do have thoughts upon The Big Story Of The Day™, and not just to remark how singularly apposite it was that she should die whilst staying at The Ritz.

However, most of my views on her thoroughly poisonous legacy were covered in depth all of four years ago, and I haven't the time to recapitulate them in full again; I've got street parties to organise.

(I would remark at this point that there was the danger of conga lines forming in our office this afternoon when the news reached us).

So, in the spirit of decorum required at the time of passing of a great figure who bestrode world history like a Colostomy, and while we are waiting for the Hagiograph to be wound up to '11', I would respectfully suggest that we should each have a quiet moment of reflection in memory of:

From a society which - for all its faults - had some vestiges of a sense of what was fair and honest, we have become one which is dominated by the rule of sociopaths, where even simple human compassion is seen either as pathetically 'weak', as something we can't 'afford' if we are to be dynamic, thrusting and entrepreneurial, or as an opportunity to sell virtue back to us at 1000 per ounce.

She was the primary enabler of all of this (not just here, either; she was an inspiration to Ruinous Ronnie amongst others), and little of what has followed - from Blairite 'triangulation' to today's callous indifference of Millionaires' Row (or, to give it its official name, 'The Front Bench') - would have been possible without her.

I wish I still believed (in as much as I ever did) in Hell.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum can kiss my arse on this occasion.