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Date: 11/01/14

Snapped Tether

Frustrating, I call it.

It was a bright, clear afternoon, so I decided to go out around the estate taking pictures of the parts of Penygraig not so far covered in The Gallery.

So I did Edwards Avenue, the top end of Dyke Street, bottom Cheshire View, Mountain View, top Cheshire View, Davies Avenue, Argoed, Ffordd Owain, Min Y Graig Avenue and Penygraig Road.

I came in through the gate and was halfway up the path, when I realised that I hadn't done Brynyffynnon. About turn and back, and got what I wanted there, with the bonus of taking in Poppy Fields and Bod Idris (which are not part of the estate, but they may be added to the Lower Brymbo Gallery in due course).

(Just an aside here: I've remarked before about how self-conscious I am about taking photographs when people - especially children - are about. Isn't it an indication of how suspicious and nasty we have let our society become when you have constantly to look over your shoulder lest some yobfather with an IQ equal to his waistline come charging up and start abusing you? Discuss).

Finally satisfied with my efforts, I came home and uploaded the photos to the PC. Oh....bollocks! Hardly any of them have come out right. I suppose it's my own fault for doing it today, because I do know from experience that taking photographs with this camera on a bright winter's afternoon always means that the shadows are too deep and too sharp, and that having to shoot into a low sun is always going to result in a degree of failure.

I've done my best with them in Paint Shop Pro, and I probably will put them up in The Gallery over the next week or two, but I can see me having to go around again during the summer to try to take some better ones.