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Date: 04/03/17

Yesterday In British Values

(The latest in an interminable series)

"Housing Benefit for 18-21 Year-Olds Axed"

"We want to make sure that 18 to 21-year-olds do not slip straight into a life on benefits"

(By making sure that they can't get any benefits)

"Bereavement benefit cut 'to help people readjust to single-parent life'"

"Government changes mean that from 6 April, bereaved parents will only receive payments for 18 months. Previously the payment lasted until children were 16 years old."

(Which is, of course, a major disincentive to the orphans being shoved up chimneys or being sold into prostitution, like they were in the Good Old Days™ when Britannia ruled the waves)

"MPs take 13 minutes to double Royal family income and approve 360m Buckingham Palace refurbishment"

"The "Seventh Dedicated Legislation Committee" was only established to consider raising the so-called 'Sovereign Grant' from 15 per cent to 25 per cent of the Crown Estates income, in order to fund the estimated 360m upgrade to Buckingham Palace, and now it has done so, it will be disbanded."

(God Swive The Quoon! Rah, Rah!)

Y'know, chums? Things have come to a pretty pass when a military coup starts to look like a progressive option. But at least 'we' have taken back control, don'tcha know?