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Date: 04/01/22

Flagging A Dead Horse

"The Labour Party is not a nationalist party"

(The Right Honourable Sir Keir Starmer, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, Queen's Counsel and Member of Parliament)

Keir Starmer claiming Labour isn't a nationalist party while standing in front of two enormous Union Jacks

"Standing in front of two union flags, Sir Keir said Labour was a "deeply patriotic party"...

Which is presumably why Keith mentioned the 'Union', Scotland and Occupied Ireland, but didn't utter a word about the only constituent part of the 'United Kingdom' where his own party has been in government at any time since the Spring of 2010.

As I enquired of the now-deceased Baroness Fruitbat a couple of years or so back, can Sir Sheer Stumer tell me, a) how he defines a 'nation', and b) which fucking nation he's talking about?

Précis: Labour is a British Nationalist and colonialist party, and won't change so long as Westminster power and the possibility of wearing weasel fur continue to dangle tantalisingly close to their snouts.

No change there, then...