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Date: 27/09/22

Still Flagging

"There is nothing progressive about Scottish nationalism."

(Anas Sarwar, Scotland branch manager of the British Labour Party, now led by someone who has dragged the party back to the Blairite right and beyond)

"It goes against the values of solidarity and social justice."

(Anas Sarwar, a millionaire businessman who failed for years to pay his companies' employees the National Minimum Wage, and whose companies don't have any agreements with trade unions. Oh, and he sends his kids to private schools as well)

"Sarwar also praised the work of Scottish Labour councillors..."

(Who, having finished second or third to the SNP in the last council elections, cut cosy deals with the Tories and the LibDems to stop the SNP - although the largest party - from running council after council).

(All quotes from this report)

And he did it all while standing in front of this:

Photo of backdrop at 2022 Labour Party conference: enormous Union Jack and picture of the dead Queen Elizabeth II

But always remember: "The Labour Party is not a nationalist party".