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Date: 30/04/23

Cry "Bollocks!" And Let Loose The Bonds Of Serfdom!

Can you imagine how the English state and corporate media would cover an announcement from Patriarch Kyrill of Moskva 'inviting' the peoples of Mother Russia to stand up next Saturday and recite - in full view and hearing of their fellow citizens - an oath of fealty to Vladimir Vladimirovitch?

One may be certain beyond doubt - both reasonable and unreasonable - that the tone of their reportage would be markedly different from the way in which they have channelled this:

"People watching the Coronation will be invited to join a "chorus of millions" to swear allegiance to the King and his heirs, organisers say."

The footling flummery of the whole thing is contained in that BBC report with the words:

"The public will be given an active rôle in the ceremony for the first time, with people around the world set to be asked to cry out and swear allegiance to the King."

(Emphasis mine)

Funny how 'the public' is not encouraged to have 'an active rôle' in electing their Head of State, isn't it? And equally odd that anyone seeking to do so is likely to be seeing the inside of a police cell or a court; that is, if they haven't been kicked to death first.

Hint to BritNats and Jack-jackers everywhere: 99.9999 per cent of 'people around the world' couldn't give a flying fuck at the moon. They have rather more pressing, more important and more interesting matters to attend to. Like trying to stay alive when the whole ruling élite of their societies is ranged against them. And that's inside the Sacred Realm of Greater England.

And if you had any uncertainty about the essentially bogus nature of the whole thing (and I have written before about the inadvisability of assuming sincere intentions behind State-sponsored commemorations), then this quote from an un-named Lambeth Palace flack should confirm the need for the deepest scepticism:

"The homage of the people is particularly exciting because that's brand new."

Yes, it's another 'exciting' development! Heavens, it may even be 'prestigious'! When those words are used in the world of professional lying, they are only ever used to bamboozle the naïve, the avaricious and the infinitely corruptible (local government officers and councillors are particularly easy prey in all three of those categories). The almost invariable outcome of such 'excitement' and 'prestige' is that the pushers of it profit mightily whilst the plebs are left with a city-centre eyesore which stands three-quarters empty before crumbling to the ground fifteen years later, thus necessitating its replacement by another ugly and expensive failure.

The fact that this 'homage of the people' strongly resembles something one could see in any fourteenth-century woodcut shows exactly how 'brand new' the idea is. Looks a lot like the same old Anglo-Norman serfdom to me.

And I say to hell with it. If I can time it right, I hope to stand proudly before my fellow citizens subjects next Saturday and cry, "He's not my king. He never will be. Fuck 'im!".

And I hope you'll come to visit me in Belmarsh...or at the Crem.