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Date: 13/05/10

Tuned Out

I know that the clips that I've included on the Hundred Best Tunes pages (the last of which was three and a half years ago) have been quite popular downloads from what I can see from my webstats, but I've had to remove them.

This isn't due to legal issues or similar pressures - after all, the clips were only about a minute long and in reduced quality. No, the reason is that I'm getting close to the size limit of my free webspace with my ISP, and the site as a whole is not going to get any smaller. Removing those clips will free up nearly 40MB of space and will enable me to continue to add other material (text and pictures) without having to go looking to buy extra space somewhere.

Sorry if you were looking for one of those clips, but the bullet was always going to have to be bitten sometime, and I think that being able to delay it until the site had been up for close on seven years isn't bad going.

As a sort of compensation, and as previously hinted, I will be putting a list of my entire record collection up here soon so that you can see what eclectic ('eclectic' is the Sunday supplement word for 'weird') musical taste I have.