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Date: 11/11/10

"The Soldier"

From one of the best writers on the Web comes this timely reminder:

"Now I have died, think only this of me:
That bank accounts are swollen in my wake.
'Neath freedom's flag the terrorists make free
As bombs go off for oil's or Allah's sake.
I was a dupe, but others close to me
Joined up to throw me to the desert storm:
Ere I was mangled by that IED,
Mum thought I looked so fine in uniform.

"From living memory the war to end
All war is gone; poppies are slickly sold,
For which our High Command are glad to pay.
Two minutes' thought - on that I may depend
While this year's crop of babes in arms are told:
Grey suits may likewise honour you one day."

(Philip Challinor)