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Date: 08/07/14

It's Not Just Me!

Cast your minds back a decade or more, my dears <Cue harpeggios and wibbly-wobbly visual effects>, to when I wrote this gloriously bile-ridden take-down of an idol of the indolent illterati.

Well it's taken a long time, but I'm glad to see that I'm far from the only one to be underwhelmed by The Lush Of Laugharne. The constant mind-numbing hammering of the DT industry this year has led others to come out of the closet; not merely in Jasmine Donahaye's article at the IWA's website, but from most of the comments which have been appended to it (including a brief one of my own, pointing back to my original peeve).

It's nice to be 'out' again...