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Date: 26/01/15

Driving On

Time for me to indulge in a little bit of hero-worship again.

One of the things about the Kraftwerk gig I was privileged to witness (oyvay, was it really nearly six years ago?) which caused some speculation was the question of how much they actually played 'live', and how much was pre-programmed and pre-sequenced. Were they really performing, or were they just being button-pushing technicians?

Well, thanks to an enterprising soul with a top class camera and a place in the balcony at the band's gig in the Paradiso in Amsterdam last Friday, we can now get a better idea. Not only are they clearly playing, but they seem to be having a fantastic time doing it:

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(Tip of the wig to Peter Ljungdahl on the Kraftwerk Mailing List for the link)