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Date: 12/08/15

The Shamen - "Ωmega Amigo" (1989)

A bit becalmed at the moment, aren't we?

It's not as if there's nothing much to talk about, what with the hilarious sight of the Labour Party's little princes and princesses finding out that democracy can be inconvenient. But others are commentating on that Grand Prix of petulance far more capably than I could.

So, here's something to chill out to.

The whole late-eighties dance/rave culture was a bit after my time in a way; I was in my mid-to-late twenties and - even had I been minded to partake - I would have found the repetitive nature of the music provided to be rather thin fare after a little while. Not to mention my dislike of crowds.

What little of the stuff that was filling the floors of temporarily-purloined warehouses at that time which reached my ears came from the legend that was John Peel (and it's staggering to think that, were he still with us, he would now be approaching his 76th birthday).

He played this one night in 1989, just as it was about to be released. I never found much time for The Shamen, any more than I did for their contemporaries and imitators, but sometimes one track could do it to me. And keep doing it to me, because the ole Musical Time Machine gets cranked up into full throttle when I hear this.

Anyway, enough guff - listen and groove:

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