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Date: 30/08/15

Some (More) Times In The Life Are Beautiful

Augusts aren't invariably crap, despite what I've said here and - far more recently - here.

Yesterday, it was cause for a family celebration for the wedding of my other nephew Gav (although he might think that his brother is the other nephew) and Del. The boat being well and truly pushed out on this occasion, off we went to The Wild Pheasant Hotel in Llangollen for both the ceremony and the reception, each attended by about 90 people, one of whom was a long-time reader of this ridiculous website who made very kind remarks about it (I just wish I could remember your name - but then, that's a problem I have a lot nowadays, as I've remarked before).

The ceremony was very nice ("Ee, it were reet lovely, it were - I cried buckets"...well, OK, a tear started unbidden to the eye once or twice, and that's all I'm willing to admit to), and the speeches at the reception afterwards were - as tradition decrees they should be - in turns heartfelt, sincere...and slightly mucky.

And here's a big shout out (as I believe the youngsters say nowadays) to all the staff at the Wild Pheasant for making the whole event run smoothly and with great and unobtrusive attention to detail.

And, just as I did for Glen and his bride Lyn last November, here's that song by the great Steve Tilston which sums up how the day went, with love to Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Stapley (click on the ear to play):

Small image of an ear