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Date: 28/04/16

Junior Campbell - "Hallelujah Freedom" (1972)

I have no 'peg' to hang this on, no particular or topical reason for putting it here, except that - however shitty April has been - I feel that I can't let the entire month go by without something going in this section.

I don't actually remember this 'number' - written, performed, arranged and produced by ex-Marmalade man William 'Junior' Campbell - being a hit at the time that it was a hit; I didn't listen to music radio much if at all in 1972, so it passed me by completely. It was only when I got hold of a copy of a Decca compilation LP two or three years later that I first heard it, and liked it straight away. It's a nice piece of what I suppose is 'white-boy soul', with a neat sax break in the middle. Hallelujah!

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