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Date: 30/09/16

Ich Werde Gehen...

Health permitting of course, I shall be going to this:

Announcement about the Kraftwerk 3-D concert at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in June 2017

My dear chums Wendy and Tez saw the announcement before I did (just as they did last time) and managed to bagsy tickets. Good tickets. Very good tickets (they should be for nearly £80 a throw!). Note that the above screenshot was taken about three hours after bookings opened and already the gig had sold out.

(Best comment on this was on Twitter from someone who had tried - and failed - to get a ticket for one of the Scottish gigs: "There is a delicious irony in having to repeatedly confirm that you aren't a robot while trying to buy Kraftwerk tickets.")

So all I have to do now is to, a) get well, b) stay well, and c) hope that Ralf Hütter (70 last month!), Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz and Falk Grieffenhagen all do too!

I may now dance a (robotic) happy-jig!   Dancing smiley